Governance Support 

Good governance is the foundation of a successful organization.  Andres Consulting provides services to enhance governance operations in four main areas:

Governance Policy Development

We will work with you to develop or enhance your governance policies to ensure that your operations are aligned with standards of sound business practice and that an enterprise risk management approach has been adopted.  The policy framework that we provide will include Board Policies and Terms of Reference for the board, directors and committees.

Board Evaluation and Assessment Services

We provide board, committee, peer and self-assessment services to evaluate governance performance.  We have a selection of generic templates that offer a standardized process that many credit unions find to be an effective, cost-efficient approach.  We also offer customized services for credit unions that wish to tailor the process to their unique and specific needs.  We follow through from beginning to end, starting with the template development, then moving on to the creation of a secure online website (to collect results), survey delivery, compilation, analysis and reporting of results.  Finally, we work with our clients to develop an action plan to respond to the results of the assessment.

Director Orientation Programs

New directors need to be brought up to speed quickly to ensure that they are on an even footing with the more experienced members of the board.  Andres Consulting customizes programs to orient directors quickly on the complex and unique roles and priorities peculiar to individual boards.

Board and Management Workshops

The roles and responsibilities of the board of directors and management can sometimes cross, and it is key to the smooth running of the credit union that these two groups function as supportive partners.  Our one-day workshop presents plans, goals and policies to enhance board and management relations.  In addition to identifying the complementary roles of board and management, we also identify governance deficiencies and present solutions to resolve them.

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